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Additional Backup Files


The additional backup files used to save some extra files during the flow. 

Where to use Additional Backup Files

We may user it in scenario's where we want logging, debugging and also in transformation purposes. Lets suppose we are using multiple maps and we want to save the out put produced by applying first map, we can use additional backup file to save that file.

How to use Additional Backup Files

The user can save a additional file by using the following snipped. It has two steps involved:

  • Saving the file to backup database
  • Link the file with the document

Saving additional file

 //save additional backup file
//Parameters 1. filename, 2. document stream, 3. use-compression, 4. It should be Additional files as shown below
var fileGuid = Ebex.EdiPortal.Common.BackupFilesToDB.BackupFiles.SaveFile(fileName, additionalFileStream, true, Ebex.EdiPortal.Common.BackupFilesToDB.FileType.AdditionalFiles);

// Link the file with document
//Parameters 1. document id of the document we want to link this additional file 2. fileGuid of the saved backup file 3. type. whether its a message, log file etc  4. Notes
Ebex.EdiPortal.Common.Tracking.AdditionalDocumentBackupFileInfo.Create(documentsId, fileGuid, "Control message", "Linked backup file with the document for message control");

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