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Administration Tool

Generating a new encryption key

In admin tool we can generate a new encryption key that will be used for storing and retrieving secrets.

Following are steps to generate a new encryption key from admin tool

  • Launch Admin tool
  • Click on Tools  menu and choose Generate Encryption Key as shown in below screenshot

  • You will see the below new dialog for generating new key

  • In the dialog you have 3 options to generate new key, by choosing Plugin from the drop down
    • No Encryption: The secrets will be saved as it is
    • RSA : The secret will be saved using RSA Encryption
    • Custom:  In Custom you can browser and choose any assembly that implements the Secret API interface i.e. IEncryptionKeyPlugin
  • The Selected Plugin will show the fully qualified name of the plugin
  • The Key Reference Key will be any value used by the plugin e.g for RSA Plugin its certificate serial number
  • The Encryption Key is a base 64 encode key, you can place a value or click Generate button to get the value . The Encryption needs to match the Encryption provider which is currently AES256 Crypto Provider

After providing all the values we need to press Save Encryption Key button, which will generate a new encryption key. All the existing secrets will be saved using the new key and in the future this key will be used as a primary encryption key for storing and retrieving secrets.

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