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B2B Onboarding step by step in Link

(Demo in webinar Link for Users chapter 4 - “Set up a new partner and distribution”)

When onboarding a new B2B partner based on allready available document formats, three things have to be set up in Link:

  • Partner (the one you exchange documents with - customer, supplier, logistics partner etc.)

  • Transport (the way the documents are sent and received)

  • Distribution (the “road” from/to a specific partner for at specific documenttype)

Partner and Transport

Go to the menu Partners - Choose New partner.

Fill in Name - Partner Type - Identification Type (GLN is preferred) - Identification Value and Data groups if you use this.

When the partner has been created you see the following tabs:

As minimum the following things have to be filled out:

  • Contacts = primary contact person at your partner

  • Locations

During the test period, it’s recommended to set up Transport Type “TestBox”. Then the document will not be sent anywhere.

Add location by the “+ “ under the location tab.

Choose transport type:

When you have chosen the transport type the fields to fill out for this specific type shows up.

When ready to exchange documents with the partner, see description of how to do this in different cases under Exchanging documents/files with your partner


You have to define two partners at all distributions. The one partner is your own ERP-system or other order handling system. This can be either From and To partner or both depending on if you receive and/or send documents.

Go to the menu Distributions - Create new

Choose document type

You need to set up From and To Partner, Location and From and To Format

Some locations are global. Others need to be set up - see Exchanging documents/files with your partner (During the test period the Location is set to TestBox. Then you can test documents without any risk of sending it somewhere.)

The available From and To formats have been configured by your developer or by a developer at Bizbrains.


To test the document format from your partner, you can ask your partner to send you a testfile by email to upload manually under the Distribution. In the same way you can upload a testfile, either to send it to Testbox and send the raw datafile to your partner - or to the transport location agreed with your partner.

If you agree to exchange more document types with same transport, the partner and transport are now created, and you just need to add and test new distributions.

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