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Basic Navigation

Basic Navigation


To login to Link you need three pieces of information:

1)      Link web application address (URL)

2)      your username

3)      your password.

This should all be provided to you by your administrator – if not, you will need to obtain it.

When you are ready:

  • Enter the Link web application address in your browsers address bar (it is highly recommended that you save this address in your browser favorites).

The following screen will appear:

  • Enter your username (case-sensitive).
  • Enter your password (case-sensitive).
  • Press the ‘Login’ button.

If you tick the ‘Remember me’ checkbox, you will remain logged in until you manually log off, even if you close your browser window – the next time you navigate to the web application, you will not need to login. This feature should be used with caution however, since careless usage could allow unauthorized people to bypass the login screen and directly access your Link solution if you leave your PC unlocked.

Breadcrumb Navigation

For each page you visit in Link, a breadcrumb trail will be created in the top left corner.

You can use this trail to quickly go back to previous pages in the same section by clicking on the corresponding page name. In the example screenshot above, you can click on 'Monitor' to be redirected back to the Monitor page. Clicking 'Home' will take you back to the frontpage.


On the left side we have the menu. There is a main menu and for some off the menu entries, there is a sub menu.

On the main menu you either do a single click or a doubled click.

Single click on main menu: Opens sub menu or if there is no sub menu then it goes to direct to the default page

Doublet click on mail menu: goes to default page

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