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This screen is capable of displaying various types of charts containing statistical information relevant to the business of your company. Link comes with a bundle of ready-to-use charts , but it is quite possible that your Link installation utilizes customized charts.

  • A chart in Link is a diagram showing statistical information about the documents flowing through your system.

Customized charts can be configured/implemented for your system quite easily without affecting upgradeability or causing any other harm to your application. Setting up charts is a technical task however, and end users have no configuration possibilities. Therefore, if you require a specific type of chart on the Home screen, you should contact your administrator and discuss the possibility of making it available to you.

The colors represent different document types, such as Purchase Order and Sales Invoice. Depending on your setup, one or more charts will be shown here.

Some charts are provided out of the box for your Link solution.

Print & Save

To print or save a chart, press the navigation drawer icon in the top right of each chart. You can then either print the chart, which will open the print dialog, or save it as one of five different image formats. 

Chart Types

Each different chart will be explained in detail below.

Document Types

This chart shows how many documents of each document type have been sent the last month as a pie chart. The numbers represent the amount of documents of the specific document type that have been sent. 

Number of documents

The bar chart allows you to see the number of documents sent at a particular date, as well as their document types. 

Document Trend

The line chart lets you see what trends are occurring for each document type in your Link solution.

Grid Chart
The grid chart lets you see what different trends like number of sales document per company in your Link solution.

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