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Dataowner Settings

Dataowner Settings


Permission to se this page:

You need to be in a usergroup with 'Settings View dataownerconfiguration'-Role.

If the key is missing in Link, and you want to use it, you can add it by clicking the add-a-row-plus-sign.








ADAuthentication_CreateUser_DefaultInternalPartnerSet a internal partner as default internal partner, used for creating user for AD authentication2.3
Alert_Cancellation_DistributionObjectsIdIf a distribution-object-id is set here - a link to TrackingSearch with this distribution-object-id will be shown in the alert-configuration and alert-event UI.1.8
Alert_Default_ContactEmailThis value will overwrite the email of the contacts set on an Alert.( and it also have priority over the same Biztalk setting)1.8
Alert_Default_ContactPhoneNumberThis value will overwrite the phonenumber of the contacts set on an Alert.( and it also has priority over the same Biztalk setting)1.8
Alert_Disable_AutoAssignBy default Alert Events will be assigned to the current user, when accessing the alert (show details for the alert) - by setting this configuration key to True, no auto assignment will be performed.
Alert_MailSubjectThis is the standard mail subject for Alert notification mails. Marcro can be used, like ({PartnerFromName}, {PartnerToName}, {DistributionObjectName})1.8
Alert_MailMessageThis is the standard mail-body, for Alert notification mails. Marcro can be used, like ({PartnerFromName}, {PartnerToName}, {DistributionObjectName})1.8
Alert_SmsMessageThis is the standard sms message for Alert notification sms. Marcro can be used, like ({PartnerFromName}, {PartnerToName}, {DistributionObjectName})1.8
CertificatePluginUsed when loading external Certificates. This implementation must be registered in Link, by adding a DataOwnerConfgutation with the key "CertificatePlugin" and a value containing the fully qualified type name of the class implementing the ICertificatePlugin interface. 2.1
CsvControlSenderPartnerEdiPortalIdBy default Alert Events will be assigned to the current user, when accessing the alert (show details for the alert) - by setting this configuration key to True, no auto assignment will be performed.

DefaultUblReceiverPartnerConfigure default partner if we can't resolve partner, based on partner id value in the document. E.g. We want to send UBL documents through Nemhandel for many partners. Then we created this key and set the EdiPortal Id of Nemhandel.??
DefaultUblSenderPartnerConfigure default partner if we can not resolve partner based on partner id value in document. (this value must be the EdiPortal Id like 'EP-12345678')??
DisablePartnerPreLoadBy default all partners will be loaded when navigating to the partner-search page. If the dataowner has a lot of partners, this behavior can be disabled by setting the value of this key to "True"2.0
DistributionShowDoubletInterchangeTypesIf value is True then the dropdown for choosing dublet interchange type will be shown on distributions2.02.2 (doublet check is always possible now)
EnableProxyPartnerWhitelistIf set to True all proxy-partners for current dataowner should have a whitelist of partners which are allowed to be used for the proxy-partner.2.0
EnableDubletCheckIf set to True the Dublet check will be checked by default for new distributions for the current data owner. (doublet check is always possible now)
FTPAuthenticationTypeIt may have one of the following values
Password - The user needs to provide a password only, in order to create and FTP account, alog with the user name.
PasswordAndPublickey - The user needs to upload a public key as well the password for creating the account
PasswordOrpublickey - The user needs to either provide a password or upload a public key
Publickey - The user needs to upload a public key in order to create an FTP account

InitialFTPDirectoriesIf set then it will be used while creating new FTP account. Its a semi colon delimited values e.g In;Out;Temp (not implemented in 1.8, but from 2.0 and forward)1.7
key_accesstossistrackingeg. False

key_accesstowebservicetrackingeg. false

key_allowtestdocumentseg.  False

key_batchingmaxdocumentseg. 100

key_batchingmindocumentseg.  1

key_custommacros_enablefallbackvalueeg.  true

key_custommacros_fallbackvalueeg.  _

key_custommacros_raiseerroronfailureeg.  false


key_distributiongridheighteg. 500

key_ediconfigcomponentelementseparatoreg. :

key_ediconfigdecimalmarkeg. .

key_ediconfigelementseparatoreg. +


key_ediconfigreleasecharactereg. ?

key_ediconfigrepetitioncharacterHere you can eg. Use space

key_ediconfigsegmentsuffixeg. None

key_ediconfigsegmentterminatoreg. '

key_ediconfigsyntaxidentifiereg. UNOC

key_ediconfigsyntaxversioneg. 3


key_maxalloweddocumentstoshoweg. 20

key_passwordqualifierseg. ZZ

key_prioritycodeseg. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


key_searchgridheighteg. 500

key_simlpifyfilename_unwantedcharseg. {}-.

Key_TrackingSearchDelimitereg. 3

key_transportretrycounteg. 5



key_x12charactersetcodeeg. 03

key_x12componentelementseparatoreg. :

key_x12dataelementeg. *

key_x12replacementcharactereg. $

key_x12securityqualifiercodeeg. 00

key_x12segmentsuffixeg. None

key_x12segmentterminatoreg. ~

LinkToEdiPortal2This setting should be used to mark the link to the new HTML5 page.
MailHtmlPartnerTemplate mail for partner errror mails

MailSubjectPartnerTemplate subject for error mails to partner

MailHtmlStakeholderTemplate mail for stakeholder errror mails. Default: Document Failed (EnvironmentType: "{Environment}", DataOwner: "{DataOwner}", DocumentNumber: "{DocumentNumber}")

MailSubjectStakeholderTemplate subject for error mails to stakeholder


PartnerFtp_ChangeUsernameTrue or not true/empty/False. If True, the username will be choosen by the user. If it not says True or if the property is missing, the username will be set to the Partner EdiPortal Id.1.7
PartnerFtp_UseUsernameInFolderNameTrue! If it is True, the chosen username will be a part of the foldername for the virtual path.1.7



TrackingKey_MaxProcessingTimeInHoursThe number of hours a document can stay in status processing, before the clean-up job will fail it.2.1
TrackingSearch_FromDate_MonthsBackThis value indicates what the starting-search-date should be in Tracking Search.(Use the value 'none' if the date should be empty and 0 if you want todays date)1.7
TrackingVisibleColumnsErrorUsed to customize columns in tracking search. See Tracking for further details1.82.0.1
UseAdapterTransactionForThisAdapterListA semicolon separated list of Biztalk Adapter names, which should use the Transaction from the adapter instead of the pipeline. (Check for adapter-names is case insensitive)1.8

Set to True to turn on data access restriction - set to anything else will turn it off.

UseDataAccessRestriction is deprecated from version 2.5, so it will not work from version 2.5.


Set to True to turn on data access strict-mode. Strict mode means that the user must have access to both partners in tracking-documents and distributions.

UseDataAccessRestrictionPartnerStrict is deprecated from version 2.5, so it will not work from version 2.5.




The data access restriction mode to be used. Possible values

  • None

  • LaxEntityLaxSearch - UserId must be member of ONE of the groups for ONE of the Partners AND member of ONE of the groups for the DistributionObject.

  • LaxEntityStrictSearch - UserId must be member of ONE of the groups for BOTH partners AND ONE of the groups for the DistributionObject.

  • StrictEntityLaxSearch - UserId must be member of ALL groups for ONE of the partners AND ALL groups for the DistributionObject.
DataGroupRequiredForPartnerSet to True to ensure that a partner has at least one DataGroup associated.2.5

This setting can be used to pre-check conditions, when resending tracking documents. Possible values are (as a comma-separated list):

  • ResendByInterchange (Resend by interchange)
  • BypassDuplicateCheck (Bypass duplicate check)
  • GenerateNewTransmissionId (Bypass test marking)
  • UseDocumentLog (Create document log)
  • BypassTestMarking (Generate new transmission Id)

Example: "ResendByInterchange, BypassDuplicateCheck, UseDocumentLog"

PartnerSearch_MinimumSearchLengthThe minimum number of characters that should be entered, when searching for partners, before the backend is called. This refers to the "live search" under tracking and distributions. This can increase performance in searching, when there are many partners in the system. Default value is 0 (if this key is not set).2.10
IsMFARequiredSet this to true in case you require all new user to have MFA required. In case there are any exiting users you would have to as an admin to click on each and click enable MFA2.10
PartnerSearch_MaxSearchResultCountThe maximum number of partners returned from the backend, when search for partners. Default value is 1000 (if this key is not set).2.10
UseApiCachingTo enable caching in the REST API set this value to "True". Default value is false.2.11
TrackingSearch_ActionWarningThresholdTo show warning if a user attempts an action on the tracking search page with more documents than specified. if not set will work as if the number is unlimited and no warning will be shown.2.11


The maximum number of runs to show logs for. The default value is 5000 if this key is not set.2.11
IsServiceWindowIf key is not present, or set to 'true' documents will be extracted from Inbox. If set to e.g. false documents will not be extracted. (We know this is kind of turned around)2.12

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