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Incoming Transport Locations (overview)

Incoming transport locations describe locations where the Link will pick up business documents send them through Link. There are numerous way to setup the locations, the kind of transport in use, where and when to look for documents. Click or press the 'Transport' menu item to open the 'Incoming transport locations' overview. 

Adding a new incoming transport location

To add a new incoming transport location, click the + (plus) button on the top right side of the grid.
This will open the details page where you can define the new location.

Viewing or editing existing incoming transport location

You can select one or more incoming transport locations in the grid and press the 'Show locations' button to open the details page. You can also double-click a single incoming transport location to show the details page for that location. 

Deleting an incoming transport location

An incoming transport location can be deleted by clicking 'Delete' on the right side of the overview grid. For safety, a dialog will ask you to confirm before the location is deleted. Once deleted the location setup, including triggers, locations, transport type configuration and init configuration etc. is gone and cannot be recovered. 

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