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Mapping Functoids

Mapping Functoids

The Link includes some very useful mapping functoids that can be used to get partner and document related data from the Link. This comes in handy if you need to provide an outgoing document format with information like a document number, or some information related to the sender or receiver partner which is not a part of you source document. 

Distribution value lookup and distribution value extractor functoids

These two functoids can be used to lookup data related to the current distribution, which includes the sender and receiver partner. The lookup functoid is parameter less. It fetches the necessary data from the context layer of the input message and looks up the distribution from the Link database. Its output can then be used as input for the extractor functoid, where it is possible to specify what data you want to extract.


Here are som examples of how the distribution lookup and extract functoids can be used.

Lookup partner configuration key

Here we try to lookup the value of a configuration key on the receiver partner called “AlternativePartnerName”. If that key does not exist for that partner the partners name will be passed from the other extractor functoid.

Lookup value from conversion table

Here we try to lookup a value from a conversion table called “DepartmentEmail” based on a value from our source document. If no value is found “unknown” is returned by the extractor functoid.

Lookup sender GLN number

Here we try to lookup the GLN number of the document sender. If no GLN number is found, the extractor will return “unknown”. When using the “LookupPartnerOutIdByKey” or “LookupPartnerInIdByKey”, the following parameter points to the name of the identification type of the sender or receiver partner.

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