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A ‘Partner’ in Link, is a company that sends and/or receives messages through the Link solution. However, a partner can also be an internal system that needs to be identified individually.

There is a clear distinction between internal and external partners. An internal partner is the company that owns the Link installation or a subdivision of it. External partners are the companies that are exchanging documents with the internal partner(s).

Hover your mouse cursor over the Partners menu item in the left hand menu, to get a list of options, or press it to see a list of partners.

Search [1]

Click this to open the 'Partner Search' page. From here you can search among the different partners in your Link solution. 

New partner [2]

Press this to start creating a new partner. You will be redirected to the 'New Partner' page. From here you can input partner information such as name and identification numbers.

Import partners [3]

Click here to import a list of partners from another Link solution. A pop-up will be displayed allowing you to select the file on your local hard drive.

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