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Release Notes for Link 2.3

Release Notes

New Feature

Action Script on Monitor - Add an Action Script field to Monitor Items (#260728920)

User Guide: Monitor Item Action Script

An "Action" field for each monitor items that can run script/program (Result of Monitor item should be parseable for the receiving Powershell script/ Program).
The generic Monitor Service will, if it receives an Error from the monitor Item, and an Action has been filled out, call the Action Script and then call the Monitor Item again.
The Latest status will be returned, but an additional "Initial Status" Field should be added and "Initial Comment" so it is visible that it actually failed but was corrected be an action (Could also apply for the "Disable Error" function where it initial is an Error but because "Disable Errors" is set it is demoted to a Warning).
It should be possible to pass in info from the monitor item to the script (arguments/properties).
You can set a maximum number of actions within a defined number of times the monitor-item runs.
If the action-runs exceeds the maximum, an error-status will be returned saying that the action has run x-number of times.
The monitor-service is responsible for control this check (in memory). Restart of the service, will result in a "clean state".
If the monitor is restarted the counter/functionality, is also restarted.
New permissions are required to use the action functionality.

The ability to select and delete multiple lines, in a Conversion Table (#256550790)

Now there is a possibility to "Resend" an Originating System Response (#241451136)

When you have search result of Originating Response in Tracking, there will now be a Reprocess Response button.

The external system is down for hours, and therefore the response didn't come to the external system. The external system needs the response, that it didn't get in the down period and therefore we want to be able to resend it.

New Monitor Type: Powershell (#260721796)

New Monitor Type with the possibility of execute Powershell script from a monitor item.

New monitor-feature: Suppress errors/warnings from monitor items (#260725089)

Being able to setup a threshold of how many times an error must occur in a row before an actual error status is show. (It should go to "Warning" first).

Also choose which Status it should set if error count threshold is not reached (sometimes we might want Warning to be able to see something is wrong, sometimes we might just want Success).



Aligning how Type of Files are sorted when Exporting files (#208297507)

When you Export Files, from a Tracking Search Result, you meet this popup:

Now the types of files are showed in a better way.

EdiPortalSftp adapter extended for Receive locations

We have enhanced the way the adapter builds the URI, when you are configuring the SFTP adapter.
The URI is built from this template: user-name@server-name/folder-name
The new thing is, that the folder-name is a part of the URI, and that it gives us the possibility of have more than one receive location with the same user/server. The URI has to be unique, for a receivelocation, in Biztalk.

If you create an receivelocation, where the Sftp have the same URI as an existing, you get:

So with different folder-name in the URI, Biztalk accepts both locations.

Now, Link tool tips everywhere (#253679970)

Now there should be tooltips on every headline in Link. Try example wise Tracking -> Advance Search

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