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Reusability - Conversion tables

(Demo in webinar Link for Developers chapter 5 - Conversion tables)

The purpose of conversion tables is to convert a given value in the data received/sent to another value in the data going in/out. A perfect example of this is conversion between unit values (e.g. colli to/from cl or piece to/from pce). Another example could be country codes indicated differently from company to company. Description of how to set up new conversion tables in Link User Guide: Conversions .

When a conversion table is available, different values can be entered for different partners, and it also supports that one partner uses different values for the same information.

Description for the developer about how to use the data from the conversion tables in the mappings: Retrieve data from a conversion table . This is also partly described in webinar “Link for Developers” part 12 “Link REST API”: Link for Developers

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