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It is assumed that the Link customer and the partner in some way (email, phone etc.) has agreed on a common identifier (AgreementRef) and that an Agreement has been created in Link based on that. The customer/partner is free to define a process for exchanging the initial AgreementRef.

Document types

In order to use our existing AS4 document flow for agreement updates a number of document types has been created for better handling and tracking of the documents. These has to be manually installed by executing some SQL scripts. These are located here:





Transport Location

A special location has to be created on the partner that should receive the agreement updates. The location should be configured with Transport type: AS4 and these AS4 specific values:

Service Type: AU
Service Value

Action: UpdateCertificate

Sign message: True
Encrypt message: True


Since Agreement Updates are distributed using our existing AS4 document flow in Link, we need to setup a Distribution for Agreement Updates. When creating the distribution choose the distribution object named “AS4 Agreement Update Request Out”. In the To Partner field select the partner that should receive agreement updates. Also be sure to choose the Location that we created earlier.

Test messages


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