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Tracking Fields (2) (2)

Tracking Fields

You can use tracking fields to track certain data in a document, such as buyer order numbers or account numbers. In a Link context, this means that you can use these fields to search for specific documents and have additional data be displayed on the tracking results page. 

The tracking fields are used on the three different tracking pages:

  • Tracking Search: To look up a specific document that contains the tracking field.
  • Tracking Search Result: To see the tracking fields for documents displayed in each row. Only fields chosen to be shown in a search preview will appear here.
  • Tracking Search Details: To show all the tracking fields for the document, even the ones that will not appear in the search result.

Tracking Search

On this page the tracking fields can be used to filter documents. Select the Document Type in the dropdown that contains the tracking fields. A set of new fields will be displayed in the bottom of the tracking search page. 

In this case, the tracking fields are located on Sales Order documents. There are two tracking fields at the header level and two at the line level. Input your values into these fields to look up a document containing a specific Buyer Account, or a document which line has a certain EAN number.

Note that you can input values into one or more fields. Each additional field will be handled as an AND statement, meaning that you can look up a single document based on several tracking fields. 

Tracking Search Result

When looking at the tracking search results, the tracking fields are displayed in seperate columns in the rightmost part of the data grid. You may need to scroll a bit to see them. 

Note that these will only show if 'Show in search preview' has been enabled for the tracking field. 

For the Sales Order documents, the four tracking fields are displayed on the search results page as shown below. Standard data grid operations can also be applied to the tracking field columns.

Tracking Search Details

On the details page, you can view all the tracking fields for a specific document, even the ones that were not shown on the tracking search results page. To view the tracking fields, click the 'Load Tracking Fields' button below the 'Document' section.

All tracking fields on the document should now be displayed. Grouped tracking fields will be shown under their respective group. In this example we have a tracking field on the header and on the line. 

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