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Release notes

Release date: June 7, 2023.

Release version: 3.0.8551.25427

This release has a strong focus on bug fixes but also contains several new minor features.

New features


  • SFTP transport now supports PEM Certificate authentication.

  • Possibility to configure init-configuration on HTTP locations.

  • Support for PATCH method in HTTP transmissions.

  • Possibility to use several authentication methods for HTTP send transport.


  • Improved X12 schema handling.

  • Possibility to use Link settings in macros.

  • Possibility to set document context properties from XSLT.

  • Support for partner-specific interchange numbers.

Fixed bugs:

  • Documents in retry-state sometimes block the intake of new documents.

  • When updating a distribution, encoding is not saved.

  • EDIFACT documents are downloaded instead of being shown.

  • Null reference error when uploading documents via tracking or distribution.

  • AS2 and AS4 save MessageID as InterchangeNumber instead of TransmissionID.

  • System Integrated FTP provider:

o   Client secret is no longer forgotten when modifying the host field.

o   Partner details no longer show an exception after the configuration of the System Integrated FTP provider.

  • Configuration keys:

o   Searching for groups doesn't show any results.

o   "Show log" is missing.

  • Partner search reset doesn't clear the tags filter.

  • Conversion tables fail to insert partner-specific default values when there is a global default value.

  • Several import/export related issues.

  • Several issues related to the use of the document type "None".

  • Various other minor problems in the GUI.

Breaking changes

In this release, there are no breaking changes that would directly impact existing functionality or configurations.

However, we always recommend testing any custom-built artifacts with new releases prior to performing an upgrade.

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