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Release notes

Release date: June 23, 2023.

Release version: 3.0.8573.14865

The major part of this release is the new Monitor module. Please read the User guide for more information about this topic.

Other new features are more out-of-the-box content in new Link 3 instances and better error descriptions in some scenarios.

Also, a significant number of bugs were fixed.

New features


  • New module “Monitor” has been introduced in Link 3. Highlights:

    • Monitor inbound and outbound FTP and SFTP locations

    • Monitor certificates in Link certificate store (prevent expiry)

    • Monitor individual document types (processing time, fail rate, etc.)

    • Monitoring status both shown on dedicated page and for relevant specific locations

  • Base configuration in new Link 3 instances now includes:

    • List of common identification types

    • Ready-to-use initialize steps

    • Ready-to-use itinerary steps

    • Ready-to-use transport types

  • Import can now be done via the REST API

  • Improved error descriptions in failing HTTP and AS4 scenarios

Fixed bugs:

  • Import / export:

    • Failed export after deleting an artifact on an itinerary

    • Configuration keys import fail when referencing a document config

    • Import of a conversion table structure fail

    • Export of document format doesn’t include override of the format type


  • Polling log is too slow to open

  • Documents referencing a deleted format can’t be shown

  • Sorting on Document Type column header not working in document configs

  • “Copy” does not work for HTTP locations

  • Faulty UNB segment for EDIFACT (in some cases)

  • X12 messages are constructed with BOM


Breaking changes

In this release, there are no breaking changes that would directly impact existing functionality or configurations.

However, we always recommend testing any custom-built artifacts with new releases prior to performing an upgrade.


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