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Release notes

Release date: September 19, 2023.

Release version: 3.0.8649.21584

This is a major release containing several new features - two of them (Alerts and Reports) are big modules containing lots of sub-features. Also, there are lots of bug-fixes in this release.

Everything is described in the sections below.

New features

  • Alerts module

    • Comprehensive module that makes it possible to set up alert notifications to warn you when important distributions are not active. Alerts can be scheduled on a detailed level and it’s possible to notify Stakeholders, document senders and/or receivers. Please consult the chapter in the user guide for further information.

  • Reports module

    • It’s now possible to have custom reports in Link 3. Reports can be scheduled and e-mailed as CSV-files. In later versions of this module, there will be a number of reports out of the box, and it will be possible to display the reports as graphs. Please consult Bizbrains support or your TAM to assist with creation of reports to fit your needs.
      You can read more in the Reports in Link chapter of the user guide.

  • Test tool

    • The regressions test tool has been reworked and now contains even more features to help you carry out comprehensive testing before putting major changes to your solution in production.

  • Audit log

    • The Link Audit log functionality has been enhanced to create log entries upon user authentication and when a document is deleted.

  • Asynchronous responses

    • The Link REST service and itinerary steps can now be configured to support asynchronous responses.


Fixed bugs:

  • Import and export:

    • Import of partner identifications can result in multiple main identifications

    • Import Distribution with duplicate check fails

    • Import Datafields link mismatch

    • Import of Document config doesn’t detect a change in the order of itinerary steps

    • Export document - Option "Message Out" should not be available

    • Import macros fail

    • When exporting a Distribution, the resulting XML sometimes only contains the word "undefined"

    • Not possible to export File Naming Types


    • EDIFACT disassembler - encrypted sections cause Link Disassembler to skip most of the message

    • EDIFACT escape character is not working for escaping the escape character

  • AS4:

    • AS4 plugin for Send host does not honor retry settings changes

    • AS4 uses platform-newline instead of CR/LF

  • Partner search:

    • Ignores deleted flag on identifications

    • Search for Tag or "Is Proxy Partner" doesn’t work

  •  Monitor:

    • Monitor Item - fields stays in edit-mode

    • Deleting a monitor group containing item(s) throws an exception

  • Other:

    • Enabling multi factor authentication throws an exception

    • Delete tracking document in UI fails to delete interchange and other data

    • Nullreference in stakeholder mails

    • MessageIn shows wrong file-size in UI

    • The "View file" functionality replaces all non-ASCII characters with Unicode codes (e.g. "\u00F8") in Json files

    • Filter option below developer/Format types doesn’t work for all columns

    • Saving format type without name throws exception

    • Incoming Transport Location - Loses Disassembler Configuration in InitConfig

    • Error when going to a distribution from a document detail and then click


Breaking changes

In this release, there are no breaking changes that would directly impact existing functionality or configurations.

However, we always recommend testing any custom-built artifacts with new releases prior to performing an upgrade.

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