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Release notes

Release date: December 8, 2023.

Release version: 3.0.8734.20458

This release contains several new minor features and improvements as well as numerous bug-fixes. One of the most significant new features is the ability to save the configuration of the tracking search grid.

Everything is described in the sections below.

New features

  • Save tracking search grid

    • When a tracking search grid has been configured with desired columns (and their width) and tracking fields, it can be saved as a “View” which can then later be re-loaded. See the user guide for more details.

  • Possibility to cancel active messages

    • It is now possible to select non-completed messages and cancel further processing.

  • Monitor improvements

    • Improved performance when clicking a monitor item.

    • It is now possible to pause/resume one or several monitor items.

  • Tracking search

    • For tracking fields, it’s now possible to search for multiple values using a delimiter.

    • Related documents (control messages, resent documents, duplicates) are now displayed under “Additional files” section in the document tracking search result page.

    • For manually uploaded documents, the username of the uploader is now shown in the document view page.

  • Error codes

    • Support for setting error code in the HTTP response from an external system that performs mappings.

    • Possibility to include error codes in XSLT mappings. These will be automatically created in Link (if they aren’t already present).

  • Conversion tables

    • It is now possible to search for conversion table using wildcard.

  • Partners

    • There is now support in the UI for creating, editing and deleting partner contact types.

    • There is now a description field for partner identification types.

    • Link now supports “Partner fallback” components that can be used, when resolving fails for sender or receiver partner.

  • FTP and SFTP transport locations

    • Now supports multiple file masks (listed with delimiter)

  • X12

    • It is now possible to override the ISA and GS fields using configuration keys. Also, it’s possible to blank ISA05 and ISA07 if they are optional.

Fixed bugs:

  • Export / Import

    • In some cases, importing distributions would fail instead of displaying a warning when underlying configuration items weren’t matching.

    • Error messages have been improved in case of failing distribution import.

    • For distributions, the import fails if an associated document config contained several similar steps.

    • When exporting and importing JSON configurations, escape characters disappear.

  • Itinerary step configuration

    • If you make an itinerary step optional, disable it on the distribution and then change the itinerary step to being mandatory. It is still disabled on the distribution and you cannot reenable it.

    • If an itinerary step configuration contains more LinkDependsOn attributes, it is not possible to save it.

    • A New Optional Itinerary step that is default disabled is included in itinerary even though distribution is showing that it should not be executed.


    • EDIFACT disassembling fails when an UNG segment is present.

  • X12

    • Identification for X12 997 is taken from Link instead of from original message.

    • X12 disassemble fails with null reference when input is not valid x12.

  • Tracking detail page

    • Sporadic appearance of the error message “Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isLoading')”.

    • Searching for error codes is limited to numeric characters making the functionality unusable for alpha-numeric error codes.

  • Distributions

    • In some cases, Link is cloning messages to fitting distributions even if they are disabled.

  • Monitor

    • Monitor permission error when dealing with transport locations that has embedded monitor items.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Partner specific interchange number sequence repeats last number after upgrade.

  • Status events

    • Status events are not triggered in Initialize step.

    • When switching between documents, the first loaded status events information remains on screen.

  • Schemas

    • Error when loading a schema that contains includes/imports where the file reference contains folder levels separated by \ (windows separator)

  • SMTP send

    • Sometimes, documents can be stuck in status “Sending document via: SMTP”.

  • Azure AD integration

    • Links from error-mails doesn’t work when using Azure AD integration.

  • AS2 and AS4

    • When using AS2 and AS4, content-type of documents is changed to application/octet-stream.

  • HTTP Handler

    • Init-config configuration doesn’t save chosen values in Format / Variant / Version.

  • XSD validation

    • Validation of UBL OrderResponses failed when other UBL schemas were also in use.

  • Data groups

    • In some cases, you get wrong ‘Access denied’ messages when trying to access documents.

Breaking changes

In this release, there are no breaking changes that would directly impact existing functionality or configurations.

However, we always recommend testing any custom-built artifacts with new releases prior to performing an upgrade.

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