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Release notes


Release date: April 15, 2024.

Release version: 3.0.8865.13206

New features

Improved options for setting up message flows

  • HTTP response headers can be added to the message context

  • Outbox can now be used for batched messages

  • Integrated FTP is now a transport type in Link, which makes it easier to send documents to integrated FTP accounts.


Link API:

  • Asynchronous tracking is now supported


EDIFACT support

  • Link now supports all known EDIFACT character sets


Change logs added for:

  • HTTP Handlers

  • Identification types


Test tool:

  • EDIFACT compare functionality in batching scenarios improved

  • JSON compare functionality added

  • XML compare now has options to:

o   Ignore differences in the order of attributes

o   Ignore differences in how empty tags are represented

  • Possibility to ignore documents that have been resent when comparing expected output


Improved user interface:

  • Possibility to enable/disable several inbound transport locations in one go

  • Possibility to copy existing inbound transport locations

  • When setting up document configurations, the itinerary direction is now shown clearly

  • It is now possible for the users to select their own default tracking search view.



  • Sample code for creation of Monitor Plugins.

  • Support for artifact upload via Nuget feeds.

Fixed bugs:

Error handling

  • When using X-Link-Document-Status HTTP Header to set status on a document and also providing an error-code with X-Link-Error-Code, a notification is always sent out – even if the status isn’t set to “Failed”.

  • Error mails would be sent event if ‘Notify Stakeholder’ is disabled.



  • Document type column isn’t showing in the “Show all” tab of the tracking search result page.



  • Error after artifact-upload via the ‘+’ sign.

  • On multiple pages, ‘Created by’, ‘Created Date’ and ‘Modified Date’ columns in data grids aren’t updated after editing an item.

  • Editing an artifact name or description would sometimes result in an error.

  • Adding an already existing Initialize Step would result in duplicate entries in data grid even though only one actually exists.

  • Creating a new Document Type Classifier Resolver fails.

  • Editing the name of a Sequence fails.

  • CSV disassembler fails when an XSD schema without namespace is used.



  • Setting status ‘Ignored’ from post-disassemble and Itinerary Steps doesn’t work.

  • After TrackCDM in a message flow, using Macros doesn’t work.

  • In XSLTService, Content Type is always set to ‘text/html’.

  • Various minor UI-improvements.

  • Sometimes, a Link page will reload infinitely.


Data groups

  • Errors when trying to delete a Data Group.


My profile

  • When removing Chart Refresh time, the UI throws and exception.


Azure AD Integration

  • When ‘Enable Azure AD’ is unchecked, Client Id and Secret are lost after pressing ‘Save’.

  • After long login time Azure AD-logins cease to work.



  • Improved handling of the X12 TA1 segment.

  • Improved handling of the UNB6 segment.



  • When executing a report with a faulty or empty SQL-statement, the UI throws an Exception.


Test tool

  • Exception is thrown when deleting a Test Case with selected expected output.

  • Improved support for handling (self-enclosed) attributes.



  • When sending AS2 without signing and encryption, certificates are still required.

  • Incorrect MIC in MDN when receiving usigned and unencrypted AS2 message.



  • Missing support for calling PATCH methods.


Import / Export

  • Export of Error Codes include system (default) error codes.

Breaking changes:

In this release, the default Outbox implementation has been changed slightly - it now looks up messages using InterchangeId instead of DocumentId. If a custom Outbox implementation has been created, it should be observed that the property DocumentId in the class OutboxEntity has changed data type from Int64 to Nullable<Int64>.

We always recommend testing any custom-built artifacts with new releases prior to performing an upgrade.

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