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Release notes


Release date: June 26, 2024.

Release version: 3.0.8928.448

New features

Test tool:

  • Test cases can now use documents that haven’t been processed by Link.

  • When adding documents to test cases, you can select “By Interchange Out” (if present) and “Additional File Expected Output”.

  • It is now possible to create compare rules that are specific based on Document Type, Document Configuration and Partners.

  • Compare rules can now be cloned.



  • When Exporting from Link, it is now possible to use “Select All” on specific groups from the tree view.

User interface:

  • The right-side top corner menu has been reworked - it is now possible to access Support and Documentation directly from Link.

  • When configuring Category on settings, this can now be chosen from a drop-down menu.

  • The Compare Plugin option has been moved from the Developer menu to the Test Tool menu.

Custom action buttons in Tracking

  • It is now possible to configure custom Action Buttons in the Tracking section. This functionality is replacing the “Recreate”-button in Link 2, but as a new thing, you can have as many buttons as you like, and they can be used to trigger any custom-built functionality.

Originating Id

  • The “Originating Id” field from Link 2 has been re-introduced in Link 3. This gives the possbitility to add and trace an identification value of the system that sent a document to the document’s meta-data (context properties).


  • New Settings, can now be of the type Password (which is stored encrypted).

  • When uploading files on Distributions, it is now possible to choose multiple files instead of just one.

  • Monitoring now displays error messages on several lines.

  • It is now possible to delete a configuration key including all the entries where it has been used.

Fixed bugs:


  • When you create a Format Types to use Xml Disassembler and do not enter any "Envelope configurations" you get an error when importing from a system where "Envelope Configurations" has been set up.

  • Import of JSON compare rules throws an exception.

  • Import partners with ProxyPartnerSettings fails in some cases.


  • Expert of tracking result data to Excel stopped working.

  • Loading a document times out when there are many additional files.

  • When choosing “Manually handle” for a document that failed on interchange-level, the entered comment isn’t saved.

  • “Save search” on Tracking shows an error-message even though it actually works fine.

Test Tool:

  • When opening Test-run page, an OutOfMemory Exception is sometimes thrown.

  • When adding documents to a test case, the test-case drop-down is empty.

  • When creating a Compare Plugin, it is not possible to configure the artifact. Necessary to first create and save. Then you can edit.

  • When saving changes to a compare plugin that uses the XML Compare artifact, an error message is shown.


  • The EDIFACT disassembler translated the ' character wrongly.

  • The EDIFACT disassembler can’t dtermine encoding, if there is no UNA segment.


  • API Scope gets URL encoded twice when sending token requets for OAuth authentication

  • Scopes for personal access tokens are not presented correctly in the user interface.


  • It’s not possible to schedule a report to execute later on the current day.


  • The “Cancel” button on Settings/Scheduling doesn’t remove the configured changes.

  • Depends-on fields doesn’t work on Polling Locations.

  • When accessing data that are restricted by Data Groups, Link throws an Exception.

  • HTTP Send transport location doesn’t retry.

  • When an alert is raised, alert status shows “Failed” for alerts with the same document type.

  • When there are a very large number of available distributions, Link throws an Exception when a distribution is selected.

  • XmlDocumentTypeClassifier fails to resolve when there is comment before root node.

Breaking changes:

The test tool has been redesigned to operate using interchanges instead of documents, and this large scale change will render the majority of the existing test tool data invalid.

Since the source of the test tool data has changed from documents to interchanges, the data can’t be migrated.

As a result of this, when this new release is installed, all existing test tool data will be deleted.

 This change will also cause several breaking changes in regards to test tool related repositories and the test tool service.

We always recommend testing any custom-built artifacts with new releases prior to performing an upgrade.

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