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On this tab you can create an FTP account on Link's FTP share for outside systems/partners delivering files to Link, or files which are created by Link that should be handled by receiving partners/systems. 

Note that the options described here will not be available unless this option has been enabled for you Link solution. If it is not and you feel this is an error, you should contact your administrator.

Actions Buttons [1]

Some of these buttons might be greyed out, depending on whether an FTP account was created on this partner. The example screenshot above shows the page after an FTP account was created. 

Create Ftp Account

By clicking this button, you will create an FTP-account with the password you choose. Two folders will then be created (by default, but this is configurable):

  • ToLink: For documents delivered by an outside system, which Link should process. 
  • FromLink: Files created by Link which should be handled by a partner or receiving system.
Delete Ftp Account

Click this to delete the Ftp Account for this partner. The created folders will be removed as well. A prompt confirming your choice will be displayed. 

Show Files

Press this to display a grid of files that exist below the FTP root folder:

Input Fields [2]

These fields display the FTP Account information for this partner if one has been created. 

Note that only the Password field is available for editing. The username and relative path values are managed by Bizbrains. (It can be configured so the username can be choosen yourself)

To change the password, press the 'Change' button next to the field. A prompt will be displayed, allowing you to enter a new password and confirm it. Press 'Ok' when you are happy with your choice.

When viewing the page, the password is hidden. Click 'Show' to have it displayed in a prompt. (Show password requires a permission to show password)

Exclude FTP

If "Exclude FTP" is checked, files put in the ToLink folder will not automatically be processed by Link. Instead you would need to setup a inbound transport location to pull the files. This is sometimes necessary if e.g. you use CSV files or other files that is not possible to auto determine format and partner like EDIFACT and Xml.

Files that are picked up automatically when this is not checked will have this partner set at from partner no matter the content (unless it is a proxy partner).

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