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ItineraryStep – Http

Besides the config fields present in the UI, there are a few hidden properties of this itinerary.


Macro in Endpoint.

You have the option of inserting dynamic macros in the endpoint url which will be replaced by properties.

The input to these macros would be promoted to this namespace:

The way to insert macros in the URL is with {} around a name.




value: product

value: q1w2e3r4t5


Resulting Endpoint:



Extracting of content-type and encoding

When sending the response body through to the next step, we try to set the content type based on header information in the response.

For the content-type we search for the header with the same name. The value in this field can have a range of values, but we are assuming that the content-format is the first value in the field.

For the encoding we split the value on “;” to find other sets of information. We look for one with “charset” and take the encoding from that. We then try to use that value to find an encoding in the code that we recognize.

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