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Make your integrations reusable

The easiest way to onboard new partners is by reusing an already existing format.

As mentioned in Points to clarify with new partners, it is a best practice to establish a set of ready-to-use formats and ask your business partners to use these.

Unfortunately, Link users won´t always have the luxury of establishing the used formats for an integration, but being ready with a documented setup improves your chances greatly.

When communicating with a business partner about your soon-to-be integration, the first step is to make sure to know your own already available formats (e.g. Edifact ORDERS D96A, PEPPOL, your own Custom XML or any other format) and which information you receive and send in these formats.

Sometimes, your business partners have slightly differing ways of using a particular format, e.g. an EDIFACT format is not always used in identical ways - even within the same document type and version, there can be varying ways to use it.

Link allows you to make your formats and document type configurable directly from the Link user interface. This way, you can support the little partner-specific tweaks that sometimes are a necessity.

It’s an easy task for developers to include these configuration options in the mappings - to achieve a great setup should be a collaboration between the business and developers.

Read more in the sections about Configuration keys and Conversion tables.

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