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Set up Azure AD for Link SaaS

Link provides two kinds of user authentication - traditional Link user login and Azure AD login. This article describes the latter.

Enable Azure AD authentication

By default Azure AD authentication is disabled. To enable this go to Settings → Azure AD in the menu and select Enable Azure AD



First time login configuration

When Azure AD Authentication is enabled the Login page will show a “Sign in with Microsoft” button.

Click the button and the Microsoft sign in dialog will show. Enter your email address and click Next

You will be prompted for a password. Note that this dialog is AD specific and might look different for you.

If this is the first time a user from the Azure AD attempts to log in to Link, the user will be required to ask for an AD administrators approval. This is done only once. When an administrator has approved that users can log in to Link, other users will not be met by the approval process.

Make Link trust your Azure AD

When your Azure AD is setup to trust Link it is time to setup Link to approve logins from your Azure AD.
Until then users will be met by this message when they try to log in.

To approve your Azure AD log in to Link with an Link user and go to Settings → Azure AD.
If one of your Azure AD users has already attempted to log in, there will be entry with your Azure AD tenant. However this tenant will need to be marked as “Approved”. Edit the row and set the Approved flag.

Note that BIZBRAINS A/S will be listed as an approved Azure AD tenant. This is for support purposes. We recommend that this record is not deleted. However the customer can at any time approve/disapprove this tenant as needed.

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