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This tab contains the certificate store. Here we can store certificates for many purposes, eg. AS2, PGP and AS4 which is used in the locations tab when setting up AS4 connections.

Internal and External

Certificates can be stored Internally or externally. Internal is most common. Using an external certificate store, eg your own store, is also possible. It requires you to register metadata about the certificates in your own store through our webservice (Receive site) and implement an interface in our Link CertificateLoader, from which Link can receive the certificate.

In the example screenshot above, several internal certificates and one external certificate has been added.

Add Certificate [1]

Click the '+' icon to begin adding a new certificate to the store. A prompt allowing you to select the file on your local hard drive will be shown. Select the certificate and press 'Ok' to add it.

Download [2]

It's possible to download a copy of the certificates in the store. Press 'Download' in column to the right to download the certificate to your hard drive. If you are not able to see this button, you can scroll the grid horizontally by dragging the scrollbar after hovering the mouse pointer over the data grid. 

Edit [3]

Click this to edit certain fields for the certificate. Note that many of the values are not available for editing as they were imported from the certificate. Press 'Save' when you are done editing or press 'Cancel' to undo your changes.

Delete [3]

Press here to delete the certificate. A prompt allowing you to confirm your choice will be shown.

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