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Configurations Keys

Partner Detail → Configuration Keys

A very nice part of the Link framework is a concept called Configuration Keys. The idea with configuration keys is that you can define custom fields on specific distributions, partners etc. which can then be used when sending/receiving documents.

Configuration Keys in this case, give you the option of setting up a key, which is necessary for this particular partner. You must contact Bizbrains to have configuration keys created.

Note that this tab does not necessarily hold any options for the partner.

Using Configuration Keys

Here is an example, in which some partner specific data have to be mapped into the header of an envelope. The value typed in the 'AX Source EndPoint' and 'AX Source EndPointUser' field will then appear in the header of the Envelope when sending the document.

To edit the values, press the 'Edit' button, which will open up the fields for editing. Press 'Save' when you are done filling in the values.

Certificate file

You can also have a Configuration Key, where you can upload a Certificate file.

Note that uploading a Certificate as a Configuration Key is a deprecated functionality because we now have a Certificate Store. (See the 'Certificates' page for more details.)

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