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A Link distribution is an agreement between two partners about the transmission (and sometimes conversion) of business documents of a certain type.

Hover your mouse cursor over the 'Distributions' menu item to see additional options. Press the 'Distributions' menu item to open the Distribution Search Page.

Search [1]

Click here to be redirected to the 'Distribution Search' page. From here you can search for distributions based on document type and the To and From partner. 

Create new [2]

Click here to create a new distribution from existing document types and partners. You will be redirected to the 'Create New Distribution' page. 

Create new template [3]

Click here to create a new template distribution. See the 'Template Distributions' page in the user guide for more information.

Import [4]

Click here to import one or more already existing distributions. See the 'Import of Distributions' page for more information.

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