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Template distributions

Template distributions

Template distributions are used for minimizing the number of distributions. It supports default lookup based on a standard interchange in format and needs only to know one of the partners in a distribution.

This means that e.g. multiple documents received by a VANS provider from different senders can be caught by the same template distribution and sent to the same receiver.

Template distribution are enabled by default but you need specific access to them.

How to enable default distributions

There is one permission that you need in order to create a default distribution.

  • Distribution Action DistributionTemplateCreate

How to create a template distribution

If you have permissions to create a template distribution you can select “Create new template” in the Distributions menu.

You now need to specify a Distribution Object (Document Type) [1] and whether it is Ingoing (From Partner) or Outgoing (To Partner).

Note that you cannot change a standard distribution into a template distribution. It must be created seperately.

You can see whether a distribution is a template distribution by looking at the distribution name. There will be a green label saying 'Is Template' next to it.

You can also determine it by the From or To partner section, where there is no partner selection available. It will look like the screenshot below.


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