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eMail Transport Type

eMail Transport Type

These are the options for the eMail location type:

In short, the eMail transport type uses the SMTP ( standard to send a mail containing the message(s) to a receiver.

eMail Configuration

Email Address

The destination email address.

Attach Document

If checked, the transferred document will be attached to the email.

Email Body Text Pattern

Choose between available patterns for the email body part.

Email Body Text Charset

The charset for the email body.           

Email Subject Pattern

Choose between available patterns for the email subject line.

Content Transfer Encoding

Choose between available encodings for the content.

CC Address

The carbon copy email address.

From Address

The email address that should be displayed as the sender.


Choose the format of the content. Can either be HTML, plain and XML. 


If the email has an attachment, select the content type here.

Note that fields marked with * are required.

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