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External Certificates

External Certificates

Loading External Certificates 

Implmenting Interface

When storing certificates managed and used by Link externally, there is an interface that needs to be implemented. This implementation will contain the logic for loading certificates in the runtime environment.

Interface name: ICertificatePlugin
Namespace: Ebex.EdiPortal.Common.Partners.Certificates
Assembly: EdiPortal.Common.dll

The interface contains one method that loads a certificate (byte array) and a password based on a key, which is a string value identifying the certificate in the external system.


This implementation must be registered in Link, by adding a Dataowner Settings with the key "CertificatePlugin" and a value containing the fully qualified type name of the class implementing the ICertificatePlugin interface. The Assembly containing this implementation must be installed in global assembly cache on servers that are going to be using it.

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