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How to configure private key for the partner-certificates?

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If you have a newly installed Link and you want to upload a certificate on a partner for the first time, you may meeting this message:

No private key has been set for the partner-certificates. Use the EdiPortal Administration Tool to generate a private key and save it in the EdiPortal Configuration.


Generate private key

Start Link Administration and go to BizTalk Settings.

Comment: The menu name 'BizTalk Settings' is a misleading name. It should Link Settings, because the settings is also about Link settings and not only about Biztalk.

Set the Key PartnerCertificatePrivateKey

You can read about PartnerCertificatePrivateKey here:

Link Settings

Look for PartnerCertificatePrivateKey in the Key column. I you don't find PartnerCertificatePrivateKey, insert it at the bottom.

Put in the generated private key under the correct environment:

Recycle app pool

AS4 versus AS2

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AS4 has a SOAP header for all metadata, so that very powerful.

AS2 has only the http header.

Security: A man-in-the-middle attack

AS4 using SSL/TLS https. (transport security)

AS2 encrypt the payload

Certificate Store

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Certificates with private keys keep prompting for password

This might be a secutiry issue with the user running the app-pool of the web-site. See the browsers developer tool for more info about the error (hit F12 and check the network activity).

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