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Link Settings

This section desribes the different ways of configure Link via settings-keys. This can be centralized settings (Link Settings and Dataowner Settings) in the database and it can be de-centralized settings in the web.config and similar.

Link Settings

KeyDescriptionFrom versionObsolete from version
Alert_Default_ContactEmailHvis denne værdi er sat, vil den overskrive kontakters email adresse i forbindelse med alert notifikationer. (Findes der en dataowner setting for dette, vil den have prioritet over BizTalk settingen)1.8
Alert_Default_ContactPhoneNumberHvis denne værdi er sat, vil den overskrive kontakters telefonnummer i forbindelse med alert notifikationer. (Findes der en dataowner setting for dette, vil den have prioritet over BizTalk settingen)1.8
SmsGatewayDomainIndeholder donæne-delen af den email-adresse vi sender til sms gatewayen. Bruges pt. kun til alarmering.1.8
UseAdapterTransactionForThisAdapterListA semicolon separated list of Biztalk Adapter names, which should use the Transaction from the adapter instead of the pipeline. (Check for adapter-names is case insensitive)1.8

RemoveAlertEventsAtEndOfDayIf true, AlertEvents are cancelled at the end of the day, when alert messages are removed from the queue1.8
Alert_Default_SmsSubjectUsed to set the subject for emails to be sent as Sms.1.8
PartnerCertificatePrivateKeyThis key is used for the new partner-certificate-store to encrypt and decrypt passwords for private certificates. Values for this key can be generated in the Administration Tool in menu Tools >> Generate AES private key. This key requires the application pool to be recycled to take affect.
IMPORTANT! When this key is being used for the first time (when uploading a certficate with a private key) it should NOT be changed. Otherwise the passwords can't be decrypted and the certificate will not be valid.

It's possible to overwrite the value from BizTalk settings in the .config file for the application using it. If a key in the appSettings section is named PartnerCertificatePrivateKey this value will be used instead of the one in BizTalk settings.
SSISConnectionStringThis connection string points to the database containing the SSIS packages, sql agent jobs, etc. This is necessary for the SSIS functionallity to work in the portal UI.1.6
ChartColorsUsed to define the colors in the Charts. The value must be a comma-separated list of hex color codes. Notice that from 2.0.1 values like #FF9BBB59 (with the first FF) is no longer supported. Only 6 digit values are supported. So #FF9BBB59 should be #9BBB59.1.5
StakeholderEmailAddressWillOverrideAllWhen this key is set with the value of an email (typical: it will override all other stakeholder email addresses in pDocuments_StatusTypes_MailHandling. Use this to prevent sending emails to customers from our test system.2.0
ReturnToSenderNonProdEmailWhen this key is set it will override the return to sender prod email address (note: StakeholderEmailAddressWillOverrideAll will still override this email if it is set)1.8

LogEnabledTrue/False value indicating whether or not logging is enabled1.6
LogOnDocumentEnabledTrue/False value indicating whether or not the log should be attached to the document (David please verify this)1.6
LogLevel1 = UnexpectedError
2 = Error
5 = Warning
10 = Info
LogObjectALL = All document types (DistributionObject)
Otherwise: [NameOfDistributionObject] eg. Invoice

Value for specifying which pipeline to use for XML assemble

Ebex.EdiPortal.Common.Pipelines.XmlAddDeclaration.Snd_AddXmlDeclaration, EdiPortal.Common.Pipelines.XmlAddDeclaration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7685f304a6e7e148
FtpRootFolderThe root-folder used for the LocalFTP Adapter - when running in "Fileshare" mode.1.7
FtpDefaultInFoldersupporting multiple folders for LocalFTP adapter. The FtpDefaultInFolder biztalk settings will contain multiple folders with delimiter. The delimiter is another BizTalk setting EdiPortalRcvPipelinePropertyValueSeperator. The FtpDefaultInFolder folder value can be LinkTo, EdiPortal where comma is used as splitter, assuming the EdiPortalRcvPipelinePropertyValueSeperator has comma as a value. Only for "Fileshare" mode.1.7
FtpDefaultOutFolderName of default out folder name in FTP folder. The FtpDefaultOutFolder biztalk settings may contain multiple folders with delimiter. The delimiter is another BizTalk setting EdiPortalRcvPipelinePropertyValueSeperator. The folder must exist; if multiple folders are specified, at least one must exist. If multiple specified folders exist, the first that exists (in list order) is used.1.8
SqlCommandTimeoutOverwrites the default SqlTimeout (which is 30 seconds) to the given value. The value should be represented in seconds.1.6
SqlCommandTimeout_ResendOverwrites the default SqlTimeout (which is 30 seconds) to the given value when resending documents from the UI. The value should be represented in seconds. This value will overrule the SqlCommandTimeout value if this is set.2.0.1
AS4IgnoreIngoingFailedMessagesBy default a failed document will be created, if something goes wrong when receiving an incoming AS4 message. Setting this key to "True" will ignore this and don't save anything in the database.2.1
AS4DefaultResponseIf this value is set, it will override the default response text (when accessing the AS4Handler.ashx in the browser via HTTP GET). This value can contain HTML. Eg. <HTML><BODY>Link AS4 Handler - Copyright Bizbrains A/S 2018</BODY></HTML>2.1
TrackingSearchUrlThe url of the base-site for the installation. Eg. This is used among others when generating mails to stakeholders - the mail body contains a link to the failed documents. It is also used in the Link Administration Tool, when using the "Integritiy Test", to generate url's to the original and resent documents.1.6
MailHtmlPartnerTemplate for mail to partner (Return to sender/receiver)

MailSubjectPartnerTemplate subject for partner email (Return to sender/receiver)

MailHtmlStakeholderTemplate mail for stakeholder errror mails

MailSubjectStakeholderTemplate subject for error mails to stakeholder

SqlServerEmailProfileThis setting is used for setting database mail user profile, used for sending emails2.0

Comma separated list of additional http headers used to identify partners in the HttpHandler.ashx.

Used when requests to the receive site (via HttpHandler.ashx) is sent through a proxy server. In these cases the client IP address cannot be used for identifying the sending partner. This field can then be used to provide one or more header fields to look for the IP address. Typically the header X-FORWARDED-FOR is used when behind a proxy.

Additional Files

LinkPeppol_DoNotSaveAdditionalFilesSet this value to True, if no additional files should be saved for the LinkPeppol transport type.2.5
LinkPeppol_TransportProfilesThis value indicates the supported transport-profiles when sending through LinkPeppol (possible values: AS2 and AS4).
The value can be a comma-separated string containing one or more supported profiles.
The order of the the items is dictating the priority of the profiles.
Eg.: "AS4, AS2" - if an endpoint supports both AS2 and AS4 the AS4 endpoint will be chosen in this case.

Default value: "AS2, AS4"
AS2_DoNotSaveAdditionalFilesSet this value to True, if no additional files should be saved for the AS2 transmissions (both ingoing and outgoing)2.5
AS4_DoNotSaveAdditionalFilesSet this value to True, if no additional files should be saved for the AS4 transmissions (both ingoing and outgoing)2.5
EdiPortalReceive_DoNotSaveAdditionalFilesSet this value to True, if no additional files should be saved for the EdiPortalReceive.svc SOAP service, when sending files to the Inbox.2.5
SMTP SettingsThe below smtp settings are used in the Alert module and for the 

SmtpHostThe send email will use the smtp host mentioned here2.5
SmtpPortThe send email will use the smtp port mentioned here2.5
SmtpSenderThe send email will use the smtp sender mentioned here2.5
SmtpEnableSslThe send email will use Ssl enabled smtp settings mentioned here2.5
SmtpUseNetworkCredentialsThe send email will use smtp network credentials based on the value mentioned here2.5
SmtpUsernameThe send email will use the smtp user name mentioned here2.5
SmtpPasswordThe send email will use the smtp password mentioned here2.5
DefaultEmailSubjectDefault subject used to send error mails. Default has this value: Document Failed (DocumentType: "{DocumentType}", DataOwner: "{DataOwner}", DocumentNumber: "{DocumentNumber}", EnvironmentType: "{Environment}")

DefaultEmailHtmlDefault mail body template used to send error mails. Default has this value:
<html><head><style>td {border: solid black 1px;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;padding-top:1px;padding-bottom:1px;font-size:11pt;}</style></head><p><b>Link:</b> {EdiPortalLink}</p><p><b>ApplicationServer:</b> {ApplicationServer}</p><p><b>DocumentsId:</b> {DocumentsId}</p><p><b>Timestamp:</b> {Timestamp}</p><p><b>Comment:</b> {Comment}</p><p><b>Exception Message:</b> {ExceptionMessage}</p><p><b>Fault Description:</b> {FaultDescription}</p><p><b>Possible Cause:</b> {PossibleCause}</p><p><b>Possible Solution:</b> {PossibleSolution}</p><p><b>Link_ErrorCode:</b> {ErrorCode}</p><p><b>Link_ExceptionCategory:</b> {ExceptionCategory}</p><p><b>Link_DocumentType:</b> {DocumentType}</p><p><b>Link_StakeHolder:</b> {StakeHolder}</p><p><b>Link_ReceiverPartnerName:</b> {ReceiverPartnerName}</p><p><b>Link_SenderPartnerName:</b> {SenderPartnerName}</p><p><b>Link_ReceiverPartnerContact:</b> {ReceiverPartnerContact}</p><p><b>Link_SenderPartnerContact:</b> {SenderPartnerContact}</p></html>

User Account Settings

AccountLockoutThresholdThis security setting determines the number of failed logon attempts that causes a user account to be locked out. A locked-out account cannot be used until it is reset by an administrator. The default value is 10 attempts.2.5
AccountLogoutResetDurationThis security setting determines the number of minutes that must elapse after a failed logon attempt before the failed logon attempt counter is reset to 0 bad logon attempts. the default value is 30 minutes. Set to zero to disable lockout feature.2.5
Cache Settings


Use this key to overwrite the default cache-timeout in the common-library (used when loading distributions, partners, etc.). Default value (if this key is not present) is 1 minute.

The value must be a number representing cache-time in minutes.


DataOwner Settings

Is documented here: Dataowner Settings

Web.config (only used in the frontend controller-site):

KeyDescriptionFrom versionObsolete from version
AuthenticationModeA value indicating what type of authentication the site is running: Token/Windows. See also: [[Setup site with Windows Authentication]]2.0
SmtpHostThe host address for the SMTP server used when sending mails from the frontend. Currently the Alert module is using this - and the built in bug-report/feature-request is also using this.2.0
SmtpPortPort for the SMTP server2.0
SmtpSenderMail-address for the sender of e-mails. Eg: noreply@bizbrains.dk2.0
SmtpUsernameIf SmtpUseNetworkCredentials is set to True - this is the username for the network credentials used for authentication.2.0
SmtpPasswordIf SmtpUseNetworkCredentials is set to True - this is the password for the network credentials used for authentication.2.0

SupportMail_BugReportMail address to receive bug-reports from the frontend.2.0.1
SupportMail_FeatureRequestMail address to receive feature-requests from the frontend.2.0.1
useConnectionStringsFromConfigFileSee the description for this in the section below (settings for the receive site).1.7
ActiveDirectoryDomainWhen running windows authentication use this property for setting the AD domain to lookup the users. This value is the name of the domain e.g ebex.local. NB! This should only be set, if the users accessing the Link site is on a different domain than the server.1.7
ftpProviderTypeFully qualified name of FTP plugin. Setting is now (from 2.9) defined in database, in table [partner].[tFtpPlugins].2.02.9


Web.config as appSettings <add key="[keyName]" value="[value"] /> (for the receive site "EdiPortalReceive.svc, AS2Handler.ashx, NemHandel.svc, etc."):

KeyDescriptionFrom versionObsolete from version
SaveAS2LogTrue/False - Saves the debug/info log for the incoming AS2 message to the Interchange In Log File.1.7
SaveAS2MessageTrue/False value indicating whether or not to save the raw incoming request, headers and decrypted content to the path given in the SaveAS2MessagePath configuration key1.7
SaveAS2MessagePathThe absolute path where the incoming request should be saved. NB!! Remember to give the right folder permissions (read/write) to the app-pool service-account.1.7
NemHandelPortNamePort name for the NemHandel1.8
log4Net4RaspConfigurationFilePath to the Log4Net log-file used by NemHandel1.7
RaspConfigurationFilePath to the Rasp Configuration File used by NemHandel1.7
SaveToPathNemHandel specific - saves the incoming NemHandel message to the given path instead of saving it directly in the EdiPortal.1.7
useConnectionStringsFromConfigFileIf this key is set to true, the connection strings is taken from the web.config file and NOT from the biztalk-settings-table in the db. If this is not set, the connection-string in the web.config is only used to access the connection-string-values in the biztalk-settings.1.7
AS4IncomingFilesDebugFolderPathA folder path where the raw incoming data should be stored. The folder must exist and the service-account must have the right folder permissions - otherwise no debug log data is stored.2.1
AS4XmlIdentificationSettingsPathA path to the XML file which contains the mapping between ISO standard identifications and the Link identification types. See [[How to setup AS4 in Link]] for more information about this file.2.1

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