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HTTPSend Transport Type

HTTPSend Transport Type

These are the configuration options for HTTPSend:

In short the HTTPSend transport type sends an HTTP request and waits for the response from the HTTP server.

HttpSend Configuration

Destination URL

The URL that the request should be sent to. 

Enable Chunked Encoding

Check this to divide the data stream into a series of "chunks" that will then be processed indepently. Chunked encoding allows the sender to send additional header fields after the message body.

Authentication Type

You can choose between 4 different authentication types:

  • None: Message contains no authentication.
  • Basic: Transmits credentials as user ID/password pairs, encoded using base64.
  • Digest: The credentials are passed to the server in hashed form.

  • Kerberos: Uses symmetric key cryptography and requires trusted third-party authorization to verify user identities.


If credentials are needed in the request, you can provide them here. Press the 'Show' button to see the password.

Note that fields marked with * are required.

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