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On the reports page you can get customized data about your Link solution such as documents sent per month, number of documents per distribution etc. Contact a Bizbrains employee to request a customized report, which will then be available on this page from the dropdown.

To see the data of report, select one in the dropdown menu highlighted and press 'Execute'. The data will be shown in a data grid as seen in the example screenshot above. New reports can be executed from the dropdown without leaving the page.

Some reports are added to your Link solution out of the box, such as data backup reports. 

It is also possible to save the output of the report to be opened in an Excel program. Click the Export [1] button and press 'Export all Data'. The data will be downloaded and saved in a .xlsx file.


If any parameters have been setup for the Report - the user will be prompted for values for the parameters:

The values for each parameter are stored in the settings of the user, and will be shown next time the user executes the Report.

These values can be restored to default values by clicking the "Defaults" button.

Notice! All parameters are always required. There are currently no support for optional parameters.

How to setup a Report

See this section: Reports - Administration

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