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Reports - Administration

From Link 2.8 the administration of Reports are moved to Link Web UI - and will no longer be available through the Link Administration Tool.

Hopefully the new UI should be more intuitive and easy to use.

Required Permissions


Required for editing existing Reports.


Required for creating new Reports.

What is a Report

A Report is in its basic just a Sql Statement that returns a single result-set that can be showed in a grid.

Dataowner Specific

The Report can be dataowner specific which means, that it will only be shown under the dataowner the user has currently chosen. Otherwise it will be available for all dataowners in the Link setup.


When setting up a Report in Link you can use parameters (sql parameters). 

When executing the Report, the user will be asked for fill in values for each parameter set up for the Report.

The parameter set up looks like this:

Display name

The name to show in the UI when the user is prompts for a value


The actual name of the parameter which will be used in the Sql Script. These must be pre-fixed with @ like parameters in a Sql Script.


Link currently supports the following sql parameter types:

  • NVARCHAR(100)
  • NVARCHAR(500)
  • BIT
  • INT

Default value

The default value which will be shown in the UI when executing a Report.

All parameters are always required. Currently no support for optional parameters.

Notice! The values for the parameters are stored in the settings of the user executing the Report. So the next time the user executes the Report - the values from the previous run will be shown.

Create or edit Report

When creating or editing a Report the report name and the actual query are required fields.

Type in any needed parameters (see the Parameters section for further details)

Technical documentation

The details behind Reports are documented in the technical guide here: Reports (Sql Reports)

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