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SFTP Transport Type

SFTP Transport Type

There are three sections when configuring SFTP, which are described in detail below.

In short, SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) allows secure file transferring. It is a secure version of FTP, in that it uses SSH (Secure Shell) to encrypt the data stream.

Sftp Settings [1]

These settings always have to be filled out.


Hostname or IP address of SFTP server.


SFTP account username.


SFTP account password. (click ‘Show’ to reveal the password - user setup)

Port Number

SFTP server port number.

Destination Folder

Destination SFTP folder, a folder on the SFTP-server where the files are delivered.

Temp. Folder

Temporary SFTP folder. Sometimes there is a temp-folder on the SFTP-server that the connection can use. It helps to minimize the amount of time where the connection locks the file-system.

Before Put

FTP command to execute before writing the file.

After Put

FTP command to execute after writing the file.

Sftp Proxy Settings [2]

Sftp Proxy is not used very offen. It is only used when you have come through a Proxy with credentials. Contact Bizbrains to get advice on setting up a Proxy.

Sftp Private Key Settings [3]

If a Private Key certificate is used to authenticate, you can upload the key-file here. Often, there is no Key certificate and the sftp-adapter will then authenticate with user/password from section 1. 

Use Private Key 

Check this if you want the adapter to use the uploaded Private Key when authenticating. By un-checking this, the adapter will use the user/password from section 1, and then the uploaded Private Key will not be used but stay 'in the garage'.

Private Key

Here you can Download, Upload and Clear(remove) a Private Key file.

Notice the private key must be in a PEM-formatted file: Convert the PuTTY private key ( .ppk ) to a PEM-formatted file (the 'normal'private key format used by OpenSSH)

Private Key Passphrase

A password that comes with a Private Key.

Note that fields marked with * are required.

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