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Configurations Keys

Partner Detail → Configuration Keys

A very important part of the Link framework is a concept called Configuration Keys. 

One of the main ideas with configuration keys is that you can make your standard formats (mappings) more flexible / configurable. By introducing custom fields (checkboxes, drop-downs, lists) on your partners and/or distributions, you can make your mappings take e.g. partner-specific values into consideration when executing the relevant document mapping.

This is a powerful feature, since allowing your standard mappings to become more reusable is a great cost- and time-saver. Read more in Make your integrations reusable.

Configuration keys is an advanced topic, and you might need developers to help you - particularly when it comes to making your mappings support the configuration keys.

Using Configuration Keys

In the screenshot below, a simple configuration key called "EDI Contract Number" has been created for Partners.

To edit the values, press the 'Edit' button, which will open up the fields for editing. Press 'Save' when you are done filling in the values.

Note that uploading a Certificate as a Configuration Key is a deprecated functionality because we now have a Certificate Store. (See the 'Certificates' page for more details.)

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