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Partner Detail → Contacts

From this tab, you can enter details regarding the partner’s key business and technical contact details.

The data grid contains a list of contacts, initially sorted by priority. From here you can create new contacts, edit or delete existing ones. Initially, only basic information about the contacts will be displayed in the grid. To add additional columns, use the column chooser (read more in the Data grids article).

We will now explain each one of your options.

Create New Contact

Press the '+' button to begin creating a new contact. A set of fields will be displayed, allowing you to enter the needed contact information. Press 'Save' when you are done filling out the fields or press *Cancel' to your changes.

Only the 'Name' field is required.

Note that if you have one or several error handling configurations that has "Notify sender" or "Notify receiver" enabled and you create distributions relevant for this specific partner, the entered email address will receive a notification message for each failed document. You can read more about this in the Error Handling article.

The Priority field will determine where in the list the contact will be shown. A lower number will rank the contact higher in the list. The Types field contains two different types: Business and Technical. Select the one appropriate for the contact. 


Click here to edit the contact information for the contact record. The same fields as shown under the 'Create New Contact' section will be displayed. Press' Save' when you are done editing or press 'Cancel' to undo your changes. 


Click here to delete the contact record. A prompt allowing you to confirm your choice will be displayed.

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