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FTP is an abreviation for “File Transfer Protocol” and SFTP means “Secure File Transfer Protocol”. Both are ways to exchange files over the internet. It’s in the words: SFPT is a more secure way of transferring as the data is encrypted which is normally not the case with FTP.

Both parties, you and your partner, have access to a folder on a server where the one party uploads files via (S)FTP and the other party downloads the files via (S)FTP. The files are placed in mutually agreed folder on the FTP- server. When the files are downloaded they are either deleted or moved to another (historical) folder, so that only new files are downloaded next time someone pulls from the folder.

We will describe three relevant scenarios:

Push documents to partner's (S)FTP

Pull documents from partner's (S)FTP

Local FTP from Link (for push/pull to your FTP)

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