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Onboarding of B2B partners

For large companies, one of the most common integrations-related goals is to digitalize the document exchange with their business partners.

Succeeding with this results in a reduced amount of tedious and manual tasks, making business processes less error-prone - ultimately leading to increased partner satisfaction.

Unfortunately and all too often, integrations are run as IT-projects. But by using Link, business users can perform implementation of new partners on their own once the partner agrees to the used formats.

Some advantages of performing implementation in the business are:

  1. Your line of business knows current flow with the partner (customer/supplier/logistics partner)

  2. Your line of business knows the product data for the products in question

  3. Developers don’t have to be involved in the whole integration process

To succeed, there are some things to clarify with the partner: and steps to do in Link: B2B Onboarding step by step in Link

It’s also highly recommended to establish a setup where you ensure your documents and formats can be easily reused. The advantages of this are of course, reduced implementation time and cost.

Read more about this in the Make your integrations reusable chapter.

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