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HTTPSend transport type

HTTPSend Transport Type

These are the configuration options for HTTPSend:

In short the HTTPSend transport type sends an HTTP request and waits for the response from the HTTP server.

HTTP Settings

REST Command

Choose between "Post" or "Put" - depending on the protocol used.

Endpoint URL

The URL that the request should be sent to. 


"Content-Type" is a property in the header of a HTTP send request. You can specify it's value here.

Header: Accept

"Accept" is a part of HTTP request header information. You can set it's value here.

Connection Timeout

Timeout value in seconds.

HTTP Settings - Authentication

Authentication type

You can choose between 4 different authentication types:

  • Anonymous: No authentication is used
  • ApiKey: If the HTTP endpoint requires an API key/value pair, you can specify them after selecting this option
  • Basic: Authentication is configured with standard username/password configuration. After selecting this option, you are asked to provide these value.

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