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AS2 Transport Type

AS2 Transport Type

Before creating the AS2 location, you need to set up your Link partner who is going to receive messages through AS2 Transport.

It is important that the Partner has an AS2 Identification. See the 'Partner Identification' page in the user guide for more details on how to create Identification values.

In short, AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) will create an “envelope” for the message, allowing it to be sent securely. Note that AS2 requires the receiving partner to always be listening for messages that are addressed to it. 

AS2 Certificates

By default, you don't upload a Certificate under the AS2 Transport Type. The default setup is that the AS2 connection is using the AS2 Certificate which is stored under the Certificates-Tab.

See the 'Certificates' page in the user guide for more details on how to upload certificates.

If you have Certificate special for this Transport, you can upload a Certificate on the Transport. This Certificate will override the default Certificate from the Certificate-Tab.

AS2 Configuration


A URL for the webservice where the message should be delivered to.


When the connection should timeout.


Not mandatory! If you upload a Certificate here, it will override the Certificate from the Certificate-store.

Message Encoding

Message Encoding.

Request MDN 

Ask the receiver to send back a MDN. (Message Delivery Notification) 

Request Signed MDN

Ask the receiver to send back a Signed MDN. (Message Delivery Notification) 

Here you supply the AS2 URL, a timeout, and message encoding.

Note that fields marked with * are required.

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