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Create Monitor Group

Create Monitor Group

When creating a monitor group, you specify its name and description as well as the warning and error levels. You can also specify a stakeholder that will receive email notifications if the group goes into failed state.

Each field involved in creating a monitor group will be described in detail below. Some fields have a default value, but can be changed according to your preferences.

When you are done filling in the required fields, press the 'Save' [1] button to save your changes and create the group. Press 'Cancel' [1] to abort and return to the 'Monitor Config Page'.


Mandatory field. Write the name of the monitor group here. It will appear in the header section of the group when viewed on the monitor page.


Optional field. You can write a short description of the monitor group here.

Threshold Before Warning

The number of minutes that should elapse before the monitor group will display a warning.

Threshold Before Error

The number of minutes that should elapse before the monitor group will display an error.

Show Type

Is set to 'Show All' as default. Use the dropdown to select a show type for the monitor group. This will define how it should be displayed on the monitor page.

  • Show All: This will show all errors and warnings that occur in the group.
  • Show Warnings: This will only display the warnings that occur in the group.
  • Show Errors: This will only display the errors that occur in the group.
  • Always Collapsed: The group will always be collapsed, meaning that the individual monitor items cannot be viewed.

Sort Order

Optional field. The number here will determine how the group should be placed in relation to the other monitor groups. 


Optional field. You can pick a stakeholder to receive notifications when the group goes into a failed state. All created stakeholders in your Link solution will be available in the dropdown.

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