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Monitor Group Detail

Monitor Group Detail

On this page you can see detailed information about a given monitor group and all the monitor items it contains.

Header Buttons [1]


Click this to refresh the monitor group details, as well as the data grid containing the monitor items contained within.

Create new

Press this to start creating a new monitor group. See the 'Create Monitor Group' page for more information. 

Monitor Group Tabs [2]

If you selected more than one monitor group on the 'Monitor Config' page to show, each group can be selected in the corresponding tab. The current tab is highlighted in white. Note that the action buttons will only affect the currently opened monitor group.

Action Buttons [3]

These buttons allow you to perform actions on the currently opened monitor group. 


Click this to start editing the monitor group. All previously locked fields will become available to edit. See the 'Create Monitor Group' page for more details on what each field means. Note that clicking 'Edit' will hide the monitor item grid temporarily. When you are done editing, press the 'Save' button. Press 'Cancel' to abort and cancel your changes.


Press this to delete the currently opened monitor group. A prompt will be shown asking you to confirm your choice.

Show Selected Monitor Items

After having selected one or more monitor items in the grid on the bottom of the page, you can click this to open up the 'Monitor Item Detail' page for them. To select a monitor item, tick the checkbox in the leftmost column of the grid. 

Move Selected Monitor Items

Click this to move the currently selected monitor items in the grid to a different monitor group. When clicking you will be prompted to select the new group from a dropdown. 

Click 'Ok' after having selected the new group to move the monitor items to. Press 'Cancel' to abort.

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