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Advanced search

In addition to the standard simple search, there is also an advanced search option available which provides even more filters. To perform an advanced search, press the 'Advanced Search' button next to the page header. To return to the standard simple search, click the 'Simple Search' button.

New, more specific filters will now be displayed on the tracking search page as shown below.

Each new filter is described in detail below.

Document id

Link will create an internal id for each document transaction. This unique key is called "Document id" and used primarily by developers for advanced search scenarios. 

Interchange Number

If the incoming message format supports interchange numbers (e.g. EDIFACT and X12) it will be shown here. In other cases, it will be auto-generated on the outgoing message.

Message Number

If the incoming message is in EDIFACT format, this is the message number.. Otherwise it is auto-generated on the outgoing message. 

Display Address

A “Display Address” is the address from where the document was sent, or where it was sent to. The format will vary depending on the used protocol. For an SMTP transmission, the value could be "smtp://123.456.789.123:25/". A display address search will display both “from” and “to” addresses.


The filename field is only relevant if a filename is used for in- or outgoing transport. A filename search will display results in relation to both sender and receiver transport configuration.

Distribution id

Each distribution in your Link solution has a unique id. If you know the distribution id associated with the document, you can input it here. 

Interchange GUID

An “Interchange GUID” is a globally unique identifier for the interchange.

Message GUID

A “Message GUID” is a globally unique identifier for a message.

Transmission id

Transmission id is a unique id for an interchange (interchange in and interchange out). The format depends on the used protocol.

Document GUID

Link will create a document GUID for each document.

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