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One of the main benefits of using Link is that it is easy to find all relevant information associated with a specific processed document. This feature is relevant for almost all users.

From the main Tracking menu you have two options:

The "Search Documents / Interchanges" feature is used to search for processed documents. The search process is divided in three sequential steps:

  • The search page has various filters. Read more in the Document search screen section.
  • The search result page is where your search result is displayed in a list of documents. Read more in the Document search result section.
  • The record detail page shows detailed information about a specific document. Read more in the Document detail page section.

"Search Status Events" is an advanced option you can use when you have set up status event subscriptions, like a custom behavior in relation to specific document status changes. This concept is explained further in the Status events article.

To understand how the status event search works, read the Search by status event section.

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