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FTP transport type

FTP Transport Type settings

These are the FTP configuration options.

In short, FTP is a standard protocol for file transfer between a server and a client. It is a fast and convenient way to send files over the internet. For a more secure way of transferring files, use the 'SFTP' transport type.

Ftp Settings

Destination Folder

Destination FTP folder.

Temp. Folder

Temporary FTP folder.

Command Before Put

FTP command to execute before writing the file.

Command After Put

FTP command to execute after writing the file.

Connection settings


Hostname or IP address of FTP server.


FTP server port number.


FTP account username.


FTP account password (click ‘Show’ to reveal the password - user setup)

FTP mode

Choose between Active or Passive mode

Proxy Connection Settings

These fields are very rarely used and will probably be deprecated in Link.


This transport type supports setting up a corresponding monitor item directly from this page. 

Please read the Embedded monitor item types chapter to learn more.

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