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Partner Detail → Identification

This tab is about how the partner can be uniquely recognized in the documents exchanged over Link.

A very common way is to use GLN numbers, but Link allows the use of any identification type - including one that has been defined by mutual agreement between partners.

If you need an identification type that is not present you might want to create it. Read more about how to manage identification types in the Identification types article.

One this page, there is a data grid displaying the different identification types and values registered on the partner. From here you can edit, delete and create new identification records. You can learn more about how Link data grids work in the Data grids article.

Create new identification

If you press the ‘+’ button, you will have the option of inserting a identification record for the partner. Upon pressing it, a new empty line will be inserted in the data grid, which you can then edit to your needs. When you are done filling the fields, press the 'Save' button. Press 'Cancel' to undo your changes.

If you tick the ‘Default’ checkbox for an identification record. It will be used as the default identification when creating new EDIFACT interchanges from the partner.


Press this to begin editing the identification record. The fields will be made available for editing. Press 'Save' in the same column to save your changes or press 'Cancel' to undo them.


Click this to delete the identification record. A prompt allowing you to confirm your choice will be shown. 

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