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Import and export of configuration

Moving configuration between environments

Being able to easily move Link configuration between environments (e.g. Test and Production) is important. Typically you have created a certain setup in your test environment and would like to use the same (or nearly the same) in your production environment. In this article, you will learn how to accomplish this.

The Link import/export functionality is available in various places - the most important ones are Partners and Distributions.

In this chapter we will show how to move import partner configuration - but it works similarly for other entities.

Partner configuration export

To export one or several partners, do the following:

  1. Go to the Partner Search page

  2. Perform a partner search that will return the partners you wish to export (it’s OK if the search result returns others also)

  3. Select the partners you wish to export

Note that it is also possible to export just one partner from the Partner detail page using the “Export” button from there.

4. Press the “Export selected partners” button.

5. Choose the sub-sections you’d like to include in the export and press “OK”.

Your browser will now download an XML-file, that can be used for import.


To start importing partner information, click “Partners” and then “Import” from the main menu.

You will then be able to upload an XML-file (that you have previously exported).

After loading the file, you will see a report, showing what has been changed in relation to before the import. You can click each item to view details - in this example, the partner comment was updated.

If you can accept the changes, you can now click “Import” - otherwise, click “Cancel” to abort the import.

Advanced export/import

Developers or advanced users who wishes to move other entities than partners or distributions can do this via the “Export & import” section in the “Developer menu”.

Here you will see a full overview of the entities that are exportable, and you can easily choose what you would like to include in an export.

Import works in an identical way as for partners and distributions.

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