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A Link distribution is an agreement between two partners about the transmission (and sometimes conversion) of documents of a certain type and using specific data formats.

In other words, a distribution in Link defines a unique combination of:

  • Receiver partner
  • Sender partner
  • Document type
  • Ingoing format / variant / version
  • Outgoing format / variant / version

E.g. you could have three different distributions set up for one of your business partners - Sales invoice, Sales order and dispatch advice.

This means that you won't be able to create a distribution before you have created the relevant partners, document types and document formats / variant / versions (including their mappings).

It's important to remember one of Link's big benefits - the ability of making a highly reusable integration setup. We therefore recommend that you read the article Make your integrations reusable.

From the main menu, you will be able to search for distributions, create new ones or import data.

Click  "Distributions" from the main menu item to see your options. 

Click here to be redirected to the 'Distribution Search' page. From here you can search for distributions.

Create new

Click here to create a new distribution from existing document types and partners. You will be sent to the 'Create New Distribution' page. 


Click here to import one or more already distributions that you have exported earlier. See the Import and export of configuration page for more information.

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