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Incoming transport locations

Click  "Transport" from the main menu to open the 'Incoming transport locations' overview page. .

Incoming transport locations are endpoints from where Link will pick up documents for processing. It's important to understand, that these locations are not the only way that Link can receive incoming documents as there also are general several receive sites available. We recommend that you read more about this in the Locations - how documents are received and sent chapter. 

Transport locations data grid

After clicking "Transport" from the main menu, you will be taken to a data grid showing all configured ingoing transport locations. We recommend that you read the Data grids article to learn about how it works.

From here you can edit an existing transport location by clicking "Details" on it's corresponding row, double-clicking on the row or by selecting one or several locations and press the "Show locations" button.

If is also possible to se a log file for an individual location - simply select it, and press "Show log". This is described further in the article.

Finally, you can add a new transport location by clicking the + (plus) button on the top right side of the grid.

Creating and editing incoming transport locations, is performed on the Incoming transport location details page where you will also learn more about the content of the data grid columns.

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